September 27th, 2016

127554Top 10 Wedding Dos and Don’ts

DO: Book A Photo Booth in Advance!  Photo Booth companies need to be booked in advance just like your venue does!  You won’t regret having a photo booth at your wedding and all the awesome pictures that will come from it!  Click to see our Chicago Photo Booth Company, Indiana Photo Booth Company, Milwaukee Photo Booth Company and Ohio Photo Booth Company. DON’T:  Attempt Too Many DYI Projects:  We know you want your wedding to be unique and have a personal touch but don’t go over board on the DYI projects.  For the projects you truly want to make give yourself plenty of time so if it doesn’t turn out as planned you have time to come up with a back up plan.  Complete projects you feel comfortable with that and forget the rest! DO:  Stick With Your Budget!  If you and your partner made a budget together stick with it!  It doesn’t matter if your cousin Susie spent $5,000 on flowers- if that is not in your budget be clear that it is not in your budget and move on.  You will be much happier after your wedding if you have not put yourself in a financially stressful situation. DON’T: Compare Your Wedding To Others Weddings!  You have your own ideas about what a perfect wedding and so do others.  If you begin comparing you will only find it’s easy to get carried away.  If others compare just say something such as, “I really don’t want to compare our days- each wedding is special in it’s own way.” DO: Wear Comfortable Shoes!  You will be wearing your shoes all day- so don’t go too crazy!  Break your shoes in by wearing them in advance of the day to ensure they are comfrotable.  You have no idea how many brides we see are shoeless because they choose some shoes that they couldn’t dance in. 127533DON’T: Stress about the small stuff.  It’s one day.  It’s one party.  It won’t be perfect and that’s ok!  You can’t please everyone on your wedding day so let the small things go.  Maybe the cake isn’t Grandma’s favorite- so what!  Maybe the DJ forgets to play a certain song- no one will know!  So enjoy yourself and move on! DO: Accept Help From Family & Friends Graciously. Your friends and family truly want to help and perhaps even give you unwanted advice.  Take it in stride and be thankful they want to share their experiences.  If they are pestering for things to do perhaps they could help address envelopes or do another small task.  They want to support you so remember that when they are bugging you to do something their way.  Be positive toward them- you don’t want your wedding to be a time when you argue with friends and family who are trying to be helpful. DON’T:  Invite Guests to the Engagement/Shower/Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Who Won’t Be Invited to the Wedding.  This can be difficult so you must make your guest list for your event and allow others to know.  If a friend is throwing you a party ensure those they are inviting are also on your wedding invite list.  It would seem like they were good enough to give you an engagment or shower gift, but not good enough to celebrate with you on your big day. DON’T: Complain about little things after the fact.  So, your sister drank too much or your friends didn’t stay late.  They enjoyed your wedding, you enjoyed your wedding so don’t go nit-picking or complaining about things after the face.  Hang on to the highlights and let the rest go! DO: ENJOY YOUR DAY!!  It’s your wedding- have fun!   We hope this list of Dos and Don’ts will help you with your wedding planning!  Have your own list or ideas for our Dos and Don’ts page- just comment with them on our blog!