September 16th, 2016

broad ripple wedding guide

Broad Ripple Wedding Venues

Here are some Broad Ripple Wedding Venues for you to learn about!  Indianapolis has plenty of great spots to have your wedding reception, but if you are looking to go to have your wedding reception where you are next to Indy’s best night life then you have to look at the Broad Ripple area. Broad Ripple for years has been one of the best areas in Indy to visit when  looking to go out for a night of fun. So why not have your wedding reception a nearby venue? We are going to go over 3 different options available in the area, each with their own flair. Willows on Westfield We will start first with the Willows on Westfield. It is located just north of the heart of Broad Ripple on a small lake called Spirit Lake. This venue can easily accommodate parties up to 600, so don’t worry about this venue being too small.
  • What we like about the Willows on Westfield: Willows is a flexible venue that can accommodate parties of all sizes. They have multiple spaces that you can rent out. Our favorite space is the Lodge. The lodge is in a separate building at the end of the lake. It has an intimate feeling to it, a perfect view of the lake, you can fit up to 250 people and it has a fireplace 🙂
  • Here is what others are saying about the Willows:
    • “The Full Ballroom accommodates 400 – 600 people or 160 – 400 if separated into two separate ballrooms. Dining tables, chairs and table linens are included in the rental fee. Two built-in bar areas are provided on each side of the Ballroom.”
    • “The Lodge is so cozy and intimate while accommodating a maximum of 250 guests. The room is long and narrow; 34′ wide x 210′ long with beautiful chandeliers running the length of the room. The lake side of the Lodge has floor to ceiling glass allowing guests a scenic view. The Lodge has one bar and one restroom so you’ll need to take into consideration if that’s a problem for you. I adore the warm and inviting atmosphere with the lake view and option of being outdoors on the large deck.”
The Riviera Club Next up is the The Riviera Club(aka “Rivi”).The Rivi is located to the west of Broad Ripple on north Illinois street and has been a centerpiece of the midtown area for years.
  • What we like about the Rivi: We like how the Rivi space is upstairs and overlooks their immaculate pools below. The Rivi has an old fashioned charm to it that just makes you feel at home when you are there. They have an amazing onsite culinary team that will provide you tasty meals. Thier space is functional and efficient and can be used for a small party of 20 or up to about 200 people.
  • Here is what others are saying about the Rivi:
    • “Amazing atmosphere and pool.”
    • “Going to the Riviera Club, which is nestled in the heart of Broad Ripple, is always a step back into the past. “
The SpeakEasy Last but not least, the SpeakEasy. The SpeakEasy is located in the heart of South Broad Ripple aka SoBro. It is right off the Monon Trail on Winthrop just south of 54th St.
  • What we like about the SpeakEasy: The SpeakEasy has multiple uses, during the day is THE place for entrepreneurs in the Indianapolis area to work out of. We know this because we frequent there often 🙂 As far as event space, it is not the largest venue, but can comfortably fit 100-125 people with its two levels. The space has an industrial yet modern feel to it. There is no food team on site, which gives you more flexibility in bringing in food of your choice. We would recommend this space for a smaller wedding reception or even a large rehearsal dinner space.
  • Here is what others are saying about the SpeakEasy:
    • “This place is SOOOOO COOL! We had a wedding reception there. It has a cool hipster, homemade vibe to it. The vibe of the place is very industrial hipster.
    • “Reception was about 100-150 people which was the perfect amount. Anymore would have been too much for the place to handle.”
    • “The layout was very cool and had good flow to it. The bar was not in the way and the dance floor got people up and moving without disturbing other guests.”
    • “If you are thinking of a reception and considering this place it is definitely worth a visit to check out.”
The Indianapolis Art Center The Indianapolis Art Center is a beautiful spot to have your wedding.  It has beautiful grounds which are blooming for most of the year.  Pick the perfect backdrop for your artful wedding, creative celebration or elegant reception at the Indianapolis Art Center. Our beautiful building and magnificent grounds are a great match to your meaningful event.
  • What we like about the Indianapolis Art Center:  We love the open space and unique photo opportunities around the center.  The exhibits are always changing and the space has great lighting.  We love the proximity to the Monon Trail and you could walk to the bars in Broadripple to continue your party.
  • Here is what others are saying about the Indianapolis Art Center:
    • “The IAC is a great venue, inside and out, but especially out. We still make our way here from time to time to walk around the grounds and even check out the rotating exhibits inside.”
    • “I love this place.  I love it so much, I got married here!”

In conclusion of these Broad Ripple Wedding Venues…

We think all of of these  Broad Ripple Wedding Venues have very different and unique qualities to them. If you are looking to have your wedding reception in the Broad Ripple area we are confident that you will like one of these spaces and what they offer. So check them out, see which them of them fits what you are looking for.